Career consulting

I noticed that about a decade into my career a lot of my friends
were coming to me for advice.  Somewhere along the line I took a
step back and looked at the type of questions I was receiving & 
analyzed why I was receiving them.  The following themes were 
recurring a) there is a lack of information out there, b) people 
are not willing to share information and, c) a lot of people in this 
industry find themselves at a loss as how to be taken seriously or 
ask for the things that they want when they reach a certain point in 
their career.  On top of that I realized that in such a cut-throat
industry people don't really want to help one another, they see
each other as the competition.   

Well, since I can remember I have openly and willingly shared my
insight, guidance and counsel in regards to the fashion industry,
portfolios, resumes, interviews, where to live, general life advice
as a human in fashion or business... and the list goes on and on
and on.  

A few weeks ago I found myself with 5 phone calls scheduled into my
calendar within 5 days with different people at all different stages
in their careers that had sought out time & advice from me. At the end
of that week I received a text message from one of the young women
I spoke to thanking me for providing her with advice, confidence,
and guidance. She felt much more equipped and positive with moving 
forward in her career.  It was at that moment that I knew I was really 
meant to guide and help people coming into this untamed industry, 
and that if I was taking the time out of my busy day to speak with 
people I mine as well make it official. 

If you are in need of career guidance, insight into the industry or
general career counsel within fashion please reach out to me for a
consultation at:

I look forward to it! Talk soon,