About me

B91A5678-EditWe can be many things in a lifetime, seeking
different windows of opportunities and 
learning through different experiences, but 
in the core of it all we are one thing: 

My name is Oni, I am many things but in my 
core and my career I am a creative.  I am 
inspired by the unexpected, the colors that 
fit just right, the innovation you spent 
years ideating, and the fabric that took 
many trips to the factory to perfect.  I am 
a designer.  Before I was a designer I was 
a latchkey kid, walking my little sister to
school and making my grand escape into adult 
hood at a very young age.  I was a creative 
then too, I just didn't know it.

Having started my professional career in high-end contemporary and runway, 
I now specialize in designing active wear/performance and athleisure. How 
to make athletes look and feel good, but also excel their performance and 
enhance their recovery.  I bring macro trends and high level thinking 
together symbiotically creating fresh creative directives that match clear 
business goals.  I have keen knowledge in business, sourcing, and  marketing 
strategies as well as design team management and policy implementation.

When not working or creating I can be found in transit to a new sanctuary, 
behind a laptop writing, or sipping coffee while walking my pup.

My future goals:  I am passionate about opportunities that challenge me as 
a director and a creator, being able to cultivate and improve business models 
within design. Building an exciting company that is growing!


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