About me

Hi! I’m Oni, nice to meet you.

As a human I am comprised of many things, but in my core and my career I am a creative.  I am inspired by the unexpected, the colors that fit just right, the innovation you spent years perfecting, and the fabric that took many trips to the factory to refine.  I am a designer.  Before I was a designer I was a latchkey kid, walking my little sister to school and making my grand escape into adult hood at a very young age.  I was a creative then too, I just didn’t know it. 

Now after 20 years in the fashion industry I am an executive level design professional who approaches work and life with an “Anything is possible.” perspective. 

Specializing in conceptualizing new brands from the ground up, I have launched over a dozen successful brands completely from scratch. I have keen knowledge in business and marketing strategies, as well as team management and policy implementation. My professional career began in women’s contemporary and runway, leaning into activewear/athleisure, and touching every category along the way creating a varied landscape of experience. Sustainable products and initiatives are my sweet spot, leading the way with new technologies, innovation and ESG product development ratings.

My ultimate objective is to work with companies that can challenge innovation and sustainability ambitions whilst meeting target growth initiatives and seeking out additional revenue streams. I thrive in busy environments where team members communicate well and work symbiotically as a team.

My future goals:  I am passionate about opportunities that challenge me as a leader and a creator, being able to cultivate and improve business models within design. Building upon an exciting company that is growing!

I hope we get the chance to meet, Oni~

with Oni Auer

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