Vetements Spring 2017

One of the main reasons that I LOVED Vetements S17 collection so much is due to the fact that the collection conveyed my 3 go to vibes when getting dressed. Oversized slouchy male business man, sassy lounge wear with high heels, and lastly- ultra feminine. I also loved the small touches that were added to styling and silhouette.  Random open button holes showing some midriff, thigh high, or better yet waist high leather boots, and lastly the Champion-esque hoodie with the proto sticker left on for affect.  I’m sure anyone outside of the industry would not appreciate that last one as much, but still a great detail none the less. Below are some of my fave looks:  screen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-31-09-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-31-19-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-31-35-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-32-41-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-33-30-pmscreen-shot-2016-09-07-at-3-33-17-pm


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